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Chuck Cease 

"Chuck Cease” is the stage personae of Vancouver based comedian and workshop facilitator Colin Bird. Colin Bird attended the Indian Teacher Education Program at the University of Saskatchewan and is a member of the Mistawasis First Nation and has made the greater Vancouver area his home for the last 14 years. While growing up in Saskatchewan as a young person, the police stopped him often and when asked for his name he gave the name "Chuck” and when asked his last name he provided the last name "Cease” and chuckled with his friends. "Chuck Cease” is a funny Cree word for the male body part.

Chuck Cease is a father of 4 children and plans to have his own Streaming TV Comedy Special this year! Chuck Cease is on his way to becoming the Eddie Murphy of Indian Country.

The Chuck Cease Comedy Jam - XXX Native Comedy Show On Tour
(Warning: Explicit Language & Adult Humour!!)



Workshops provided:

Colin has been facilitating workshops with the Federation of Aboriginal Foster Parents in Canada and specializes and provides workshops in the areas of:

- Understanding Struggles Of First Nation Children In Care

-Healing Through Comedy

-Aboriginal Cultural Awareness

Masters of Ceremonies: Pow Wow’s and Community Gatherings

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