Nic Newson - Stand Up Comedy



Nic Newson is a young up and coming comedian who has create a Buzz for himself in the Seattle (WA) area. He is the winner and champion of 2 stand up competitions. Including The Got Comedy, Comedy Competition of 2013. And host of many shows including Humor Squad, an ongoing comedy show produced by himself. As a talented performer who has the ability to deliver hard hitting comedic material every time he steps on stage. Playful, Strange, Adult and Unpredictable are the words that explain Nic’s stand up act. "Everything is funny! It just needs a punch line” says the creative comedian. Experienced in audio visual, giving him acquired skills that allow him to be useful front and back stage. A advantage that shows in Nic Newson’s strong stage presence. You will be entertained from the time He picks up the microphone until he walks off stage, with jokes that will make your face hurt from laughter!

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