Shishonia Livingston - Dine/Navajo Comedian


Shishonia Livingston is a Los Angeles based comedian, actor and writer. As a stand-up comic she has performed her own original material widely at theaters, colleges and clubs across the US and Canada, including at the Comedy Store and The Improv (LA), Stanford, UCLA, UC Berkeley, UCSB, CSU, NAU, Milwaukee Charity Fundraiser, Portland's Harvey's and Helium, Improv and Stand-Up Scottsdale. Using dark humor her work reflects on a variety of social themes, including romance, dysfunctional family life, being a "Lady", and multicultural identity: she is part Dine/Navajo and part Italian. Her work in improv and sketch comedy began at IO West, Second City and Upright Citizens Brigade (premiere comedy training grounds for actor/artists: Tiny Fey, Amy Poehlor, Steven Colbert and other notables). Original staged sketch shows include, "Put the Baby on Vibrate," "Sunday Variety Show" and "Arm Candy." In addition, for three years she regularly performed Monty Python sketches with the all-female troupe on and around Hollywood Theater Row.

She has also worked extensively in television and film. In 2011 she had a featured role in a comedy pilot for the production company Principato-Young Entertainment. In addition, she performed various sketches for the television show, MANswers, on Spike TV. Other roles include the party girl Kandy, in film The Box, directed by A.J. Kparr; and the lead, Mandy in the short, The Greater Good, directed by Michael Gavino, both of which were shown widely at film festivals. As an interviewer and host she has also worked on numerous shows including LA Large, Azteca TV, Bikini Destinations on the USA Network, and a pilot host show by Jimmy Corn's Production (CMT's Biggest Laughs and Larry the Cable Guy Star-Studded Christmas Extravaganza). Shishonia has also worked in the non-profit community-arts sector, creating acting and improv workshops for women and youths in Los Angeles, New Mexico, Canada, Ecuador and Costa Rica. She grew up in the Southwest (areas of Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado), in a complex and highly charged environment. On the whole, she has lived in different cultures and have learned other languages; and has plenty of life experience, both good and bad, as an artist from which to draw from. She has a master's degree from world renown California Institute of the Arts (where she studied acting and writing) and a BA from Antioch University.